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 Obtaining Spare Car Keys Easily in India: A How-To Guide

Car is a substantial purchase for any household. But losing or misplacing car keys is a common occurrence that can happen to anyone and can be a matter of concern. Car key loss can also lead to car theft. It is essential to protect your car from any such unfavourable loss. A car insurance policy can help you safeguard yourself from financial damage from any such situation.

Insurance providers like Tata AIG offer multiple add-ons under their comprehensive 4 wheeler car insurance. Key replacement cover is an add-on that provides financial coverage for the loss of keys. Similarly, zero depreciation car insurance does not charge for depreciation during claim settlement. Hence, motor car insurance can come in hand at the time of crisis.

In this article, let us delve into ways and procedures of acquiring spare car keys quickly in India.

 When Would You Need a Spare Car Key?

You will indeed feel the need to have a duplicate car key when:

  • You lose your key or
  • Your key breaks or
  • You leave it inside your car or
  • You forgot it somewhere very far from your place.

These incidents come occasionally and might make you worried, but it’s time to think practical about how you can get your new car keys to unlock and use your car.

 Hiring a Locksmith 

When facing a lockout situation, one of the first thoughts you may get is hiring a locksmith. But it comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The complexity of modern cars these days has very strict security systems. Not just the keyhole but the key device has operational functions. If your car is connected to your phone, this won’t be a big problem.

But still, it’s important to ensure that your key design intellect is safe. For this, there’s another option of approaching reliable authorities to get the spare key in such a situation.

 How to Get a Spare Car Key from a Car Dealer?

Contacting your car dealer or car manufacturer is a mindful choice when you can’t wait to get spare keys for your car. Here’s what you need to follow to get help from them:

 1. Find the Trusted Authority

Reaching out to the right person in this critical situation is essential. Find out which car company dealers are in your area. If there is no dealer close by or it isn’t supportive, find the agent’s contact information in the company.

 2. Visit Dealer or Contact Car Manufacturer

Visit the car dealer in your area for guidance. Else, contact the agent from the car manufacturing company through the helpdesk facility.

 3. Gather Car Documents

Discuss the situation and event of the car key with the concerned person and list down all the required documents to get another car key. The document list would mainly include the following:

  1. Car Purchase Invoice
  2. Car Registration Document
  3.  Identification document of the car owner
  4. Warranty card (if the car is in the warranty period)
  5. Other documents prescribed by the dealer or car company agent.

 4. Present Ownership and Identity Proof

Carry your document to present it to a car dealer or send the online copy to a company agent for review and analysis of the individual’s true identity and car ownership.

 5. Apply for Replacement

The car key replacement process may involve choosing between standard and transponder key replacements, depending on your car’s make and model.

  • Standard key replacement: It involves creating a traditional metal key that fits your car’s locks. It’s a relatively straightforward process and suitable for older vehicle models.
  • Transponder key replacement: Modern vehicles often come with transponder keys that have electronic components for added security. Replacing a transponder key may involve additional steps and technology.

 Benefits of Contacting a Car Dealer or Car Manufacturer

Whenever you face any difficulty and need information about your car, it is wise to contact the car dealer directly. Here are some benefits of it:

 Authenticity and credibility

Contacting your car dealer to get information will help you get reliable and accurate data..

 Expertise and Knowledge

The staff at the dealerships are trained about the specific brands. They are more likely to identify the issue correctly and will be able to fix it properly because they understand how a particular model is built and how it should work.

 When Car is in Warranty

If your car is under warranty, the dealer or manufacturer often fixes the issues without cost.  Getting your cars serviced at your dealer or manufacturer helps you to keep your warranty applicable.

 To Sum Up

Obtaining a spare car key is not that tough. With the help of a locksmith or the proper support of a car dealer or manufacturing company, it will be easy for you to ride again with convenience. Choosing insurance for a car that covers its loss is an appropriate measure to save you from any uncertain situation.

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